Sofaset Cleaning


A sofa introduces the coziness and sense of comfort right there in your living room, TV room or better yet your own room!

At Scrub A Dub Kenya we make it our priority to ensure that the your beautiful sofas receive the pampering they deserve with the use of our high quality, environmental friendly products. It is our duty to maintain the quality of your sofas while in turn providing a lovely welcoming atmosphere for family, customers and guests in accordance of the location of your sofas as sofas are a crucial component in any home, office or institution. What better way to show off your elegance and style with your simple yet grand sofa sets! Provide your family, customers and guests with an experience of comfort and cleanliness they will never forget.

At Scrub A Dub Kenya we are dedicated to providing you with the homely feel you deserve, we offer free advice on how to maintain the quality of your sofas and provide our services at your convenience.

The following four simple tips can aid in maintaining the quality of your sofas:

  1. Know your fabric well, it is very important for you to be aware of the type of fabric that is used in your sofa
  2. Prevent Velcro and sharp objects, such as; pins, keys etc, from coming in direct contact with your fabric sofas
  3. Protect fibers from direct sunlight as this weakens the sofa fiber
  4. Organize a professional cleaning on a regular basis – Call us and book today!