Mattress Cleaning


Mattresses highly determine the wellness of our health through different densities and sizes we find the best mattress to accommodate our bodies. It is one of the most comfortable places in our room as this is where we receive our sleep council. But, on average we spend a relatively high amount of time on our mattresses therefore its cleanliness is very important in our lives.

A clean mattress results in good sleep and prevents the erection of any infectious diseases from grime collected over time or from bedbugs. Mattresses are designed to give you the comfort, relaxation and rest you deserve. Therefore, at Scrub A Dub Kenya we are committed to ensuring the cleanliness and quality of your mattress is maintained in order to provide you with the continued comfort and rest you deserve! We provide you with high quality services by using top notch supplies that ensure the cleanliness of your mattress is maintained. Our products are environmental friendly and do not exert harshness on the delicate fibers within the fabrics.

We ensure that any dirt accumulated over time is eliminated and any stains or odors are removed effectively. The mattress is one of the greatest magnets to insects and dirt as this is usually a slightly moist area since we sleep on this surface for hours each a day.

We offer our cleaning services to any home, institution, educational facility or hotel that requires mattress cleaning.

Good sleep begins with a good bed, let us we ensure you receive both through our tremendous cleaning services that will leave your mattress clean and shining!

The following five easy and simple tips can be applied in order to maintain the quality and cleanliness of your mattress:

  1. Strip your mattress down in order to inspect it for any insects or stains
  2. Flip or rotate your mattress occasionally, preferably every season
  3. Change your sheets regularly
  4. Cover the mattress with a mattress cover
  5. Arrange for professional cleaning services after regular intervals to prevent the accumulation of hidden dirt