Commercial and Residential Cleaning

Office cleaning

Cleaning Services

Our cleaning services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve and the time the guests need to enjoy life and company with their loved ones. Our experts provide detailed cleaning services for our valued customers, designed to keep your properties looking its best all year round. Let the experts at Scrub A Dub Ltd remove the burden of cleaning from your to-do list without having the burden to manage the staff. Our cleaning services clean your property from top to bottom, from parking garages to meeting rooms.

Every moment your guests spend on site contributes to their experience. We keep our standards high to make sure that experience is one worth sharing.

We provide:

  • House Keeping
  • Buffing/polishing
  • Floor surface stripping
  • Vacuuming
  • Spot cleaning
  • Waxing/sealing
  • Dusting/wiping
  • Floor scrubbing
  • Perimeter cleaning
  • Sweeping/mopping
  • Pressure washing
  • Fumigation
  • Sofa Cleaning
  • Mattress Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Curtain Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Office Chairs
  • Event Cleaning
  • Flood Clearance

Benefits of Hiring Scrub A Dub Ltd

  • Greater focus on generating revenue

Keeping a clean and sanitized environment is crucial for the safety of your clients. Contracting Scrub A Dub Ltd will help your company focus on their main goals. It will allow the Grand Riverside Apartments to reduce the cost of hiring internal cleaners, the payroll can be re-directed to recruit and retain top talent within the organization which directly contributes to your organization’s success.

  • Reduces cost

Internally cleaning your organization requires funds to be allocated towards purchasing cleaning machinery, cleaning products and supplies. Additionally, employees must be hired in order to ensure the cleaning standards and quality is maintained within the organization (supervisors will be needed to monitor the work). Salaries, insurance, holiday pay and benefits are also costs that are added towards the organization. These are all costs that will be absorbed by Scrub A Dub Ltd. We would provide the machinery, supplies and products required. Additionally, the Grand Riverside Apartments would be relieved from additional expenses such as salaries, benefits, insurance and arrangement of holiday covers as the cleaning staff would be employees of Scrub A Dub Ltd.

  • Reliability and stability of service

Outsourcing your cleaning services to Scrub A Dub Ltd will allow your company to have a peace of mind as they do not have to worry about one of the cleaning staff calling in sick and jeopardizing the hygiene and cleanliness of the property. The premises will be cleaned as scheduled without giving rise to additional worries as we will provide all the required resources in order to ensure the cleaning services are reliable, consistent and provided all year round at your convenience.

  • Personnel

In addition to controlling wages, workers’ compensation and health benefits are two of the highest cost components that are associated with maintaining an in-house operation. There are additional expenses which are more obscure, but significant nonetheless. These may include the salaries and benefits paid to corporate-level administrators responsible for personnel services. Below is a list of personnel related expenses, above and beyond wage rates, for which Scrub A Dub Ltd manages all associated costs.

  • Awards/Employee Recognition
  • Background Checks
  • Benefits
  • Driver’s License Records Check (only if vehicle use is required)
  • Drug Screening
  • Incentive Compensation Plan
  • Labor Load
  • Management Replacement
  • Vacation

In-house cleaning services can be thrown into disarray when you have cleaners calling in sick, personnel off the job due to training, or employees that just don’t show up for work. While contract employees aren’t immune to this, Scrub A Dub Ltd has the resources to manage the workforce with more flexibility and consistency. If there is a sick employee or a new trainee, we can often reallocate personnel to ensure the regular level of service. These additional resources aren’t easily available when cleaning duties are handled in-house.

  • Easy access to a wide variety of services

Outsourcing your cleaning services allows access to additional cleaning services. Our team comprises of employees who are specialized in all aspects of cleaning services to meet the needs of our clients. Therefore, the organization would not have to deal with multiple contractors in order to obtain additional services, such as; carpet cleaning, window cleaning or any other maintenance issues. This relieves Grand Riverside Apartments from forming schedules for the required maintenance and allows us to provide the necessary services at pre-planned intervals.

  • Improves morale

Without having a dedicated cleaning service this creates additional stress and work for administrative staff and members. An administrative assistant or secretary is aware that his/her job will entail varied tasks, however cleaning tasks can make the person’s other skill seem unimportant. This makes the employee feel less valued in the organization thus reducing morale of the employee and generating a negative effect on the business. Feeling valued is one of the most powerful motivators within an organization therefore hiring Scrub A Dub Ltd to perform the required maintenance will prevent the increase of additional stress on employees and promote productivity within the organization hence preventing low morale amongst employees.

  • Better quality

The staff of Grand Riverside Apartments may be efficient with cleaning equipment, however at Scrub A Dub Ltd we have the necessary talent and consist of professionals that can perform cleaning services more efficiently and with better quality. We have specialized, high quality equipment and a team of skilled employees that have years of experience in keeping your environment clean. The image you portray to the guests is crucial in building a repeat relationship and that image should be one of professionalism, order and cleanliness. We are committed to ensuring that this image will be portrayed to your clients and premises are permanently kept in a state of cleanliness.

  • Equipment & Supplies

The costs of equipment and supplies can be exorbitant for an in-house program. Not only the initial purchase, but the cost of maintenance and repairs can add a significant burden on capital expense budgets and cash flow. Scrub A Dub Ltd absorbs these costs and understands that utilizing the proper equipment and supplies based on the physical requirements of the property is a critical component of a successful housekeeping program. Our established relationship with manufacturers and suppliers allows us to meet those needs. Additionally due to these relationships, we ensure that we stay current and up-to date with industry technology and trends to maintain efficiency in our operations.

  • Training

Scrub A Dub Ltd provides detailed training for all employees involved in cleaning procedures, at the beginning of their employment and on a recurring basis. This ensures that all products and procedures are being used safely and efficiently and that waste is minimized. The cost of all training associated with housekeeping services is handled by Scrub A Dub Ltd. Training topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Brand Knowledge
  • Forecasting procedures
  • Chemicals
  • Close of Day
  • Daily Procedures
  • Departmental Orientation
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Equipment Use and Floor Care
  • General Information
  • Human Resources
  • Key Control
  • Manager on Duty (MOD)
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Safety
  • Supplies
  • Team Member Orientation
  • Safety

Providing a safe and healthy working environment and following operational practices that will safeguard all employees and comply with the standards now becomes the responsibility of Scrub A Dub Ltd. We expect all personnel to understand that safety will take precedence over expediency or shortcuts. Every attempt will be made to reduce the possibility of incident occurrence and to that end we have established a comprehensive safety program to ensure the continued safety of our staff. It is crucial that every employee understands all safety policies and procedures. Scrub A Dub Ltd provides detailed ongoing safety training for each employee in addition to a monthly safety committee meeting and safety incentive program.

  • Risk-Related Expense

Another primary benefit Scrub A Dub Ltd offers to our clients is the transfer of risk expense. Not only are the premium costs and deductibles eliminated, but you may experience a reduction in premiums by removing housekeeping related risk from your policies.