Products Used

Products Used

CarPlan Triplewax Car Shampoo

The triplewax formula, combines three different types of car wax, which are applied as you wash your car, leaving a protective shine with every wash.triple wax

  • Adds Triplewax as you wash
  • Leaves a brilliant protective shine with every wash
  • Cuts through all types of dirt & grime
  • Leaves a spotless, streak free, shiny surface fully prepared for waxing

CarPlan Triplewax Car Polish

The CarPlan Triplewax Car Polish combines three of the world’s finest wax extracts to provide the original triplewax protection and an unsurpassed shine that protects all year round.Car Polish

  • Combines three of the world’s finest wax extracts for an unsurpassed shine
  • Can be applied to wet or dry paintwork, even in direct sunlight
  • Suitable for all paint finishes including metallic


Odour Eliminator Spray Car Air freshener Spring Breeze

It is perfect for use on your car seats, car mats and carpets and is highly effective against tobacco and pet scents.Spring wash

  • Highly effective against pet odours and tobacco
  • Suitable on seats, carpets and car mats
  • Subtle fragrance of Spring Breeze



Microfibre MittMicro Fibre

  • Cotton rich for good absorbency