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Services We Offer

At The Scrub A Dub Company we believe in simplicity and as a result we offer 4 distinct services. We believe our prices are competitive and we will always discuss our pricing with our location partners.

The Services Include:

Car Washing

We deal with car wash services that range from different vehicles like Buses,Mini Vans,Lorries,Cars etc.Prices differ with each category.We have a specialised team and equipments that will ensure quality delivery

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Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses highly determine the wellness of our health through different densities and sizes we find the best mattress to accommodate our bodies. It is one of the most comfortable places in our room as this is where we receive our sleep council.

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Wash and Care for your car paint is often a worry for many car owners.We at Scrub A Dub know that you not only want your car clean but the paint job to be maintained.That’s why we provide car buffing in addition to our services.We deal with buffing for all types of cars

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Window Cleaning

Your windows are among the most visible feature on any building. Routine window washing supports to ensure the longevity and performance of your windows. In the event that you neglect to clean your windows for too long, you may find that dirt…

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Carpet Cleaning

We specialize in carpet cleaning ranging from various types.This carpets may range from the normal house carpet, office carpets,as well as carpets used for special events.We believe in offering the best carpet cleaning.

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Sofa-set Cleaning

Having clean sofa-sets is an ideal requirement that makes a house or office bright.We at Scrub A Dub know this very well and have taken to ourselves to provide sofa-set cleaning services that range from both home and office sets.

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Tile Cleaning

Many customers think that tiles are more resistant to everyday wear and tear which is why they neglect cleaning it as often as they should. This can be really bad as it can result in poorly maintained tiles that will do exactly the opposite of what …

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Flood Clearance

Floods are natural occurring processes that are difficult to prevent but can be managed in order to reduce its social and economic impacts. Flooding is a threat to health, life and leads to damage of property. Poor infrastructure of the drainage system …

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Curtain Cleaning

Choose Scrub A Dub Kenya if you are looking for professional and experienced curtain and blinds cleaners. We are local business owners who are passionate about making their surroundings clean, cleaner, and cleanest!

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Office Cleaning

It is important to think about what people will think when they visit your office. When people enter your office you would like them to think of you as highly as possible and this can be attained through the image you present in your working atmosphere…

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Fumigation Services

Scrub A Dub Kenya has a dedicated and committed team working diligently for our customers. We have been doing fumigation on a variety of buildings from homes to offices for different pests and rodents. When it comes to reliable, effective, tenting and fumigation …

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Commercial and Residential Cleaning

With all your other responsibilities, you should be able to enjoy your free time as you please. Our home cleaning services are designed to give you the peace of mind you deserve and the time you need to enjoy your life and loved ones.

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