Carpet Cleaning


A carpet – commonly referred to as a rug, is an accessory to your home, an accessory that demonstrates color, class elegance and most importantly style. It is one of the biggest and most important components that provide a home within your house. Are you part of the plenty that decorate their homes with carpets? If so, are they clean and up to your standards?

At Scrub A Dub Kenya we ensure that your carpet is cleaned thoroughly to bring the new radiating look within your house. We use quality products which are safe for the environment that are dedicated to meet and defeat all the dirt preventing that shine in your home, these products ensure that the quality of your carpet is maintained, what a delight, cleaning and maintenance of shine!

Did you know there are various types of carpets present in the market? The types vary depending on the fibers used and the size of fibers in accordance to comfort and design. There are two main types of carpets which are namely the Cut-Pile and Loop-Pile. In the Cut-Pile type there are various styles which include; plush, textured, Saxony, frieze and cable. In the Loop-Pile type there are again various styles which include; level loop or Berber, patterned multi-level loop and cut and loop.

At Scrub A Dub Kenya we offer free advice on how to maintain the radiance of your carpet and ensure that regular cleaning is undertaken through our services to ensure top-notch quality accessories are present within your home. At Scrub A Dub Kenya, your homely vision is our dedicated mission!

The following three smart and simple tips may be adopted in your household in order to maintain the quality of your carpet:

  1. Vacuum regularly
  2. Treat a stain immediately instead of letting it sit
  3. The last and most important tip: call the professionals! – Call us today!